Kingman Listeners Guide Vintage Radio Programs
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K207DX 89.3 FM 14.5mi. Kingman, AZ Classical
KVIR 89.9 FM 39.1mi. Bullhead City, AZ Unknown Format
KJZK 90.7 FM 1.7mi. Kingman, AZ Public Radio
KNLB 91.1 FM 49.5mi. Lake Havasu City, AZ Religious
KNLB 91.3 FM 14.2mi. Kingman, AZ Religious
K224BV 92.7 FM 14.5mi. Kingman, AZ Country
KFLG 94.7 FM 49.5mi. Big River, CA Country
K240BO 95.9 FM 14.2mi. Kingman, AZ Top-40
KRRK 96.3 FM 14.2mi. Kingman, AZ Classic Rock
KLUK 97.9 FM 23.5mi. Needles, CA Classic Rock
KGPS 98.7 FM 1.7mi. Kingman, AZ Religious
KADD 99.1 FM 15.0mi. Kingman, AZ Hot AC
KGMN 100.1 FM 14.2mi. Kingman, AZ Country
KDKB 100.7 FM 15.0mi. Kingman, AZ Rock
KRRK 101.1 FM 49.5mi. Lake Havasu City, AZ Classic Rock
KLUK 101.5 FM 15.0mi. Kingman, AZ Classic Rock
KJJJ 102.3 FM 23.4mi. Laughlin, NV Country
KCYE 102.7 FM 73.1mi. Boulder City, NV Country
K276BM 103.1 FM 14.2mi. Kingman, AZ Christian Contemporary
KZKE 103.9 FM 14.0mi. Kingman, AZ Oldies
KOAS 105.7 FM 42.6mi. Dolan Springs, AZ Smooth Jazz
KFLG 106.7 FM 15.0mi. Kingman, AZ Country
KNKK 107.1 FM 23.4mi. Needles, CA Hot AC
KVGS 107.9 FM 42.6mi. Meadview, AZ Alternative
KMZQ 670 AM 106.5mi. Las Vegas, NV Classic Hits
KDWN 720 AM 76.3mi. Las Vegas, NV Talk
KBET 790 AM 79.3mi. Winchester, NV Country
KXNT 840 AM 92.4mi. North Las Vegas, NV Talk
KLSQ 870 AM 70.7mi. Whitney, NV Spanish
KBAD 920 AM 90.0mi. Las Vegas, NV Sports
KNTR 980 AM 54.9mi. Lake Havasu City, AZ News/Talk
KFLG 1000 AM 33.2mi. Bullhead City, AZ Nostalgia
KKVV 1060 AM 91.6mi. Las Vegas, NV Religious
KYDZ 1140 AM 89.2mi. North Las Vegas, NV Children's
KYET 1170 AM 4.5mi. Golden Valley, AZ Country
KAAA 1230 AM 6.6mi. Kingman, AZ News/Talk
KTOX 1340 AM 42.6mi. Needles, CA Talk
KZZZ 1490 AM 33.4mi. Bullhead City, AZ News/Talk
Radio is the transmission of signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light. Electromagnetic radiation travels by means of oscillating electromagnetic fields that pass through the air and the vacuum of space.

Information is carried by systematically changing (modulating) some property of the radiated waves, such as amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width. When radio waves pass an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. This can be detected and transformed into sound or other signals that carry information.

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